VMware NSX Manager 6.x.x Backup and Restore

In this post i am going to discuss how to configure Backup for NSX Manager 6.x.x, Schedule backup for NSX Manager 6.x.x, How to take On-demand Backup for NSX Manager 6.x.x and Restore NSX Manager configuration from a backup.

We can back up and restore NSX Manager data, which includes system configuration, events, and audit log tables. Backup are saved to a remote location and that must be accessible by the NSX manager.

We can back up NSX manager data on-demand or we can schedule as per plan.

Let’s start now how to configure remote server to store the backup of NSX manager.

  1. Login to the VMware NSX Manager Virtual Appliance with Admin account.

b12. Under the NSX Manager Virtual Appliance Management –> Click Backup & Restore.b2

3. To store the NSX Manager Backup we can use FTP server with FTP or SFTP Transport protocol. To configure FTP Sever settings click Change Next to FTP Server Settings.b3

4. Backup Location Window will open up:

  • Enter IP/Host name of the FTP Server.
  • Choose Transfer protocol either FTP or SFTP, based on what the destination server supports.
  • Enter the Port number for Transfer Protocol.
  • Enter the user name and password to connect to backup server.
  • Enter the Backup Directory where you want to store the backup.
  •  Enter the Filename Prefix, Prefix will be added every time with backup file runs for NSX manager.
  • Type the Pass Phrase to secure the backup.
  • Click OK to test connection between NSX Manager and FTP Server and Save the settings.


5. Once connection testing done it will save the settings. It will show the settings as below.b5

6.  After configuring the FTP Server Settings, We can configure to schedule the backup. Click Change next to Scheduling. We can schedule backup for Hourly, Daily or Weekly basis. Choose your option as per plan ( Recommended is to take daily basis), and Click Schedule to save the settings.




7. Backup will run as per schedule and you can see entry for every day.


8. We can also perform on-demand backup of NSX manger. For On-Demand backup of NSX Manager click Backup Next to Backup History.b10

9. Create Backup window will open up to confirm that you want to start a backup process now, Click Start to start the backup immediately.b11

10. it will take few minutes to complete the Backup process.b12

11. You can see new backup entry in Backup History.b13

Now will discuss how to Restore from a backup.

We can restore a backup only on a freshly deployed NSX Manager Appliance.  So let’s assume that we have some issue with Current NSX manager and can not be recovered.

In this scenario we can deploy new NSX Manager Virtual Appliance, Configure the FTP Server settings to identify the location of the backup to be restored. Select the backup from backup history and Click Restore and Click OK to confirm.b15That’s it. This is how we can configure Remote Server to store NSX Manager backup, Schedule NSX Manager backup, Perform on-demand backup for NSX Manager and Restore from a backup.

Thank you and Keep spreading the knowledge  🙂