VMware NSX- How to Delete/Remove NSX Logical Switch

Recently i was trying to Remove/Delete one of the NSX logical switch in my lab. While trying to Remove/Delete logical switch got this error:

er1 er2As per error message some of the resources still connected to this logical Switch, that’s why getting error: DB-Tier resources are still in use. So we need to remove any connected Virtual Machines from this logical switch and then we’ll be able to Remove/Delete this NSX logical Switch.

So first thing we need to check what are the VMs / Resources utilizing the NSX logical Switch.

Connect to VC ( vSphere Web Client) –> Networking and Security –> Logical Switches    –> and from right pane double click the logical switch we are trying to Remove.er3As you can see in below screen that one Virtual Machine is connected to DB-Tier NSX logical Switch. We have two option to remove this VM from this logical Switch.

1. Migrate Virtual Machine to another port group or,

2. delete the Virtual NIC card from the VM (which is not good practice).

er4So here we are going to migrate DB-sv-01a VM from DB-Tier logical switch to another Virtual Machine port group.

er5 er6Now after migrating VM we try to Remove/Delete this NSX Logical Switch.


er1Now we are able to Remove/Delete this NSX Logical Switch.


That’s All. I hope this will be informative for others. Thank you !!

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