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What VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) Brings on table for enterprise

VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) provides a ubiquitous hybrid cloud platform which helps enterprise to get all the benefits of a modern private/Hybrid cloud based on proven VMware Software-Defined Data Center architecture. VCF Hybrid cloud platform is the best infrastructure to host both your traditional as well as your cloud native applications.

Here are some key benefits VCF brings on the table for enterprise – 

  1.  VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) provides consistent, repeatable,   standardized Infrastructure. Which helps customer to reduces   complexity and support resolution times.

2.  VCF provides advanced automation that reduces errors and risk in              many common tasks performed during Day 0 to Day 2.

3.  VMware Cloud Foundation has an automated deployment process,              which deploys a standardized workload-ready private/Hybrid                        cloud in a matter of hours.

4.  VCF uses standardized building blocks with automation means                       customer can easily scale capacity when it is needed, non disruptively.

5.  These benefits go beyond the initial deployment and that’s because             Cloud Foundation makes it easy to stay up-to-date with security                    patches and software updates.

6.  VCF With VMware Tanzu integration architecture, all these benefits           are extended to modern applications allowing developers to deliver             and easily maintain developer-ready infrastructure.

7.  VCF with  agile, reliable, efficient cloud infrastructure that offers                  consistent operations across private and public clouds.

These benefits brings enterprise to have Modern Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) based on VMware Validated Architecture, which is Agile, Reliable, Efficient cloud infrastructure that offers consistent operations across private and public clouds. To explore more about VCF, Pls refer to https://docs.vmware.com or connect with VMware Sales.