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VMware Certification Upgrade / Migration Path from v5 to v6

VMware has announced the new Upgrade / Migration Path from v5 to v6, Here is the latest paths how we can Upgrade / Migrate from version 5 to New Version 6. Biggest news is that do not need to go through the New training to upgrade to v6.

Upgrading from VCP5 to VCP6: Only one exam is required. There is no course attendance required (but it is recommended to go through to know the New product better). There is Name changes from previous version, here is new Name:-

VCP-DCV = Data Center Virtualization
VCP-DTM = Desktop & Mobility (Previously VCP-DT = Desktop)
VCP-CMA = Cloud Management & Automation (Previously VCP-Cloud)
VCP-NV = Network Virtualization

  • There are five VCP6 migration options across the four technology tracks: Data Center Virtualization (DCV), Desktop and Mobility (DTM), Cloud Management and Automation (CMA), and Network Virtulization (NV):
  • VCP6: Data Center Virtualization Exam (exam number: 2V0-621) – Beta yet to be released.
  • VCP6: Data Center Virtualization Delta Exam (exam number: 2V0-621D) – Beta yet to be released.
  • VCP6: Desktop & Mobility Exam (exam number: 2V0-651) – Yet to be released.
  • VCP6: Cloud Management and Automation Exam (exam number: 2V0-631) – Yet to be released.
  • VCP6: Network Virtualization Exam (exam number: 2V0-641) – Yet to be released.

If you hold one of the following v6 certifications it will be automatically upgraded to the equivalent new VCP6 certification:

  • VCP6-Cloud = VCP6-Cloud Management and Automation
  • VCP6-Desktop = VCP6-Desktop and Mobility
  • VCP-Network Virtualization = VCP6–Network Virtualization

Upgrading to VCIX6: VCIX6 contains two exams: Design & Administration similar for all three tracks: DCV, DTM, CMA.

If you hold either a VCAP Administration or Design certification, you will need to take the other of what you do not have in VCIX6 exam.  For example if you hold VCAP5-DCD, you will need to take VCIX6 administration exam and if you hold VCAP5-DCA then you would only need to take the VCIX6 Data Center Design exam to earn your VCIX6-DCV/VCIX6-DCD certifications.

For existing dual VCAP5, You can choose to take either VCIX6 exam; Design or Administration.

For existing VCIX-NV, You will be upgraded automatically to VCIX6-NV.

Upgrading to VCDX6: If you hold a VCDX5, Only required to take VCIX6 design exam in the corresponding solution track.

Thank You!